Forex News: Buyers Step Back In, Ahead of Key Eurozone Inflation Data and Fed Interest Rate


Forex News: Yesterday the bulls came back into the market, taking the pair above 1.2400 after a bounce at the 50 EMA. The US Consumer Confidence survey came out above expectations but the US Dollar remained mostly unaffected.

Buyers Step Back In, Ahead of Key Eurozone Inflation Data and Fed Interest Rate 1

Technical Outlook

The pair has already bounced twice at the 50 period EMA and broke 1.2400 to the upside. These are clear bullish signs that suggest we will see higher prices in the near future. The first notable zone of interest is located around the previous top at 1.2540 but it’s also likely to see ranging price movement until later in the afternoon when the FOMC Statement is released.

Fundamental Outlook

We have an important day ahead for both the Euro and the US Dollar: at 10:00 am GMT the European Flash Estimate Consumer Price Index comes out, showing the state of inflation across the Eurozone. The indicator has a strong impact on the currency, with higher numbers strengthening it; today’s forecast is a change of 1.3% compared to the previous 1.4%.

Later in the day, at 7:00 pm GMT the Fed will release the FOMC Statement, which contains the outcome of the rate vote (no change expected from the current <1.50%) but also details about the reasons that determined the vote. If we will get some hints about future rate increases, the US Dollar will likely move strongly, otherwise the impact will be limited.



Yesterday the bearish retracement found support at the key 1.4000 level and bounced higher for more than 100 pips. The testimony of BOE Governor Carney went mostly unnoticed.

Buyers Step Back In, Ahead of Key Eurozone Inflation Data and Fed Interest Rate 2

Technical Outlook

The pair is capped by a bearish trend line seen on the chart above and at the time of writing, this line is not broken. If price returns below the line and below 1.4100, we will most likely see another touch of the 50 period EMA and possibly 1.4000. A successful break of the trend line will make 1.4200 the first target of the day but a lot will depend on the US data.

Fundamental Outlook

The economic calendar doesn’t hold any important releases for the Pound today so the US events will be the main market driver.


Written by: Bogdan Giulvezan

The article above is based on the writer’s 8-year experience and it does not constitute trading advice or investment recommendations, just a personal opinion and view of the market.