Fixed Income Program

Fixed Income Program



GDMFX is proud to announce the launch of its 8% FIXED INCOME program for Forex and Binary Options Traders!

All participating GDMFX Traders can receive an 8% annual income on the free funds in their Trading Accounts with the most flexible conditions on the market and without necessarily having to change their normal trading style!

Available for the first time ever for both Forex and Binary Options Accounts!

Available set-ups:

Classic Set-Up

SWAP-FREE Islamic Deposit Set-Up

8% Annual Interest Rate applied on the Account’s Own Free Funds and compounded monthly!

Please, view our Terms & Conditions!

8% Fixed Annual Profit-Share Based on the Shariah contract of Commodity Murabahah (cost-plus sale)!

Please, view our Terms & Conditions! 

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The GDMFX Advantage:

Interest on Deposits is not a new offer on the market. Many other brokers will make such proposals to their clients in order to attract and retain active traders. The terms of such offers will almost always involve a heavy minimal trading requirement tied with deadlines, which make it extremely difficult to keep the Interest earned, or even worse -keep your trading on the profitable side.

The Fixed Income Program of GDMFX allows extreme flexibility by allowing Traders to choоse between:

  • Fulfilling a minimal trading requirement which isn’t tied to any deadlines and is up to several times lower than the volumes required by the closest similar offer on the market.

  • A minimal participation period in all cases when the trader doesn’t want to commit to fulfilling any Minimal Trading Requirements.

How can you start?

​STEP 1: You can start with opening a Live Account with GDMFX

STEP 2 : Fund your Account with at least 1000 USD

STEP 3: Request participation in the Program from