GDMFX is sponsoring a new Forex Demo Contest

Forex Demo Contest

GDMFX is sponsoring a new Forex Demo Contest beginning on February 19th and ending on March 17th, 2017. The competitors have time until 19th of February to register for the competition. They will compete for four weeks over $10000 which will be distributed in descending order among the six top competitors with the most balance. The contestants should be qualified to open a live account with GDMFX to get the prizes. The prizes are transferred within 20 days after the contest and are fully withdrawable with no restrictions!

Each contestant shall have the same trading conditions:

  • Account type – similar to GDMFX Blade account

  • Initial deposit – 10,000 USD

  • Leverage: 1:200

  • Minimum volume – 0.01 lot, maximum volume – 1000 lots, step size - 0.01 lot, maximum number of open positions/pending orders - 200

  • Trading via Expert Advisers shall be prohibited


Forex Demo Contest prizes:

The prize fund of the contest is 10,000 USD:

  • 1st place is awarded with 4000 USD

  • 2nd place is awarded with 2500 USD

  • 3rd place is awarded with 1500 USD

  • 4th place is awarded with 1000 USD

  • 5th place is awarded with 600 USD

  • 6th place is awarded with 400 USD


Register for our Forex Demo Contest, trade and compete with other skillful traders and let the best trader wins.

Register For The Contest


Please be advised that the registration window is closing soon, don't let this opportunity slips away!